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Payment Policy

At Naturrel, we are dedicated to offering top-quality services and products while ensuring a secure and straightforward payment process. Our Payment Policy is designed to provide clarity and transparency to our valued customers:

Payment Methods:

a) Payments for the services and products provided by Naturrel can be conveniently made through a variety of payment options, including:

- Payment gateway (e.g., CC Avenue)

- Net Banking

- Credit Card

- Debit Card

- UPI (Unified Payments Interface)

- Other digital wallets

GST Charges:

c) Goods and services tax (GST) will be applied separately to all components mentioned in your transaction. You will be informed of the GST charges before finalizing your payment.

Payment Accountability:

d) Naturrel reserves the right to hold or reclaim payments in cases of suspected abuse, fraud, or violation of the terms and agreements outlined in our policies. These measures are in place to maintain the integrity of our services and safeguard the interests of both Naturrel and our valued customers.

Policy Amendments:

The Company reserves the right to amend this payment policy for any or all services offered or sold. In the event of any changes to this policy, you will be duly informed when accessing our website. You will also have the option to decline to avail of the services if you do not agree with the updated policy. Any changes to the policy will come into effect immediately upon notification unless specified otherwise.

Naturrel is dedicated to providing you with top-tier services and products while ensuring a secure and transparent payment experience. If you have any questions or require further clarification regarding our Payment Policy, please do not hesitate to contact our customer support team. We appreciate your trust and support and are committed to serving you with the utmost integrity and professionalism.